small animal massage therapy & wellness at your location in Los Angeles

"DOGGY & ME" Massages!

Pamper yourself and your dog (or cat)!  

BUDDHA DOG is proud to partner with Spaquest, Inc.'s Amy Cucullu for Doggy & Me Massages!  
"Doggy & Me" massages offer you Amy's brand of Fitness Therapy Massage incorporating five styles, personalized to accommodate your specific needs, while your dog or cat gets a full-body massage, along with acupressure, TTouch and Reiki, right next to you (their favorite place to be!).

Amy has an office in La Crescenta, or we can come to you (ample advance notice is appreciated).

Relax, Revitalize, and Rejuvenate with your best friend!

Go ahead, treat yourself and your loyal companion...

Email pam@buddhadog.com or call 818-300-4478 for an appointment.

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Shorty and Hercules from "Pit Boss" Get a "Doggy & Me" Massage

Shorty's back has been hurting him a lot so he and Hercules had a "Doggy & Me" Massage with Buddha Dog Animal Massage and Amy Cucullu of Spaquest Inc. It wasn't hard to get mellow Hercules to relax! It was a thrill to meet Hercules, Shorty, Sebastian, Ashley, Ronald and the crew. What a group of angels at Shorty's Rescue!


Buy "Doggy & Me" Gift Certificates with Paypal Here

Buy "Doggy & Me" Gift Certificates with Paypal Here