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Buddha Dog on CBS2/KCAL9

Buddha Dog on BuzzFeed

Thank you to Abe and all the BuzzFeed employees that brought their dogs to work to get a massage! And of course, THANK YOU to their wonderful doggies, Ollie, Emma, Pesto and Roxy!

Buddha Dog with Giggy & Lisa Vanderpump for The Hollywood Reporter used on Entertainment Tonight

Buddha Dog on Pit Boss

Shorty's back has been hurting him a lot so he and Hercules had a "Doggy & Me" Massage with Buddha Dog Animal Massage and Amy Cucullu of Spaquest Inc. It wasn't hard to get mellow Hercules to relax! It was a thrill to meet Hercules, Shorty, Sebastian, Ashley, Ronald and the crew. What a group of angels at Shorty's Rescue!


Buddha Dog on Animal Planet's "Beverly Hills Groomer"

My dogs Shug and Shirley and I had such a fun time filming this "Beverly Hills Groomer" episode at WagVille with Artist Knox (Groomer Has It's "Groomer of the Year"), his brother Desmond, and Artist's dog Bumpy Johnson.  Here's a rough copy:

BUDDHA DOG on Daily Candy

Thank you to Evelyn and her sweet dog, Agnes and Lauren of Daily Candy!


I was lucky enough to be a small part of the launch of Zen Evolution TV!  I had a great time filming with Rocky and his dog Simon, and then again with my dog Grace, who will be 19 soon.  My heartfelt thanks go out to Rocky, Stacey, Ben, Jim, Ana, Howard & Stephanie and the entire Zen Evolution TV Team! 
Below is a short clip, but the whole piece, along with a nice article by Stacey Kumagai, can be seen here:  http://www.zenevolution.tv/buddhadogmassage.htm